Parent Engagement Vision

YPI Charter Schools’ Parent Engagement Program (PEP) strengthens and empowers our parents to take a proactive role in their child’s education through advocacy, support, and knowledge.

Parent Engagement Mission

The YPI Charter Schools’ Parent Engagement Program (PEP) focuses on building a healthy positive school environment that strives for parent commitment.  Through active participation in leadership opportunities, interactive workshops, community service and field trips that will:

  • Foster personal development and student advocacy
  • Provide access to community resources
  • Engage parents to be proactive in their child’s academic progress  
  • Help parents to comprehend and support student adolescence (emotionally, socially, and physically)
  • Assist parents in understanding and navigating the public educational system

As a result, YPI Charter Schools’ parents will support and guide their student to be college ready, active citizens, and lifelong learners.