Our Story

Who Are We.

Who are we?

YPICS is a Southern California based charter management organization formed by educational leaders whose passions are to teach and empower.

What do we do?

Our promise is to provide authentic learning experiences to our citizen scholars, so they seize and create opportunities in their communities.

Why does it matter?

We prepare citizen-scholars to be leaders and innovators who will serve their communities.


YPICS looks at the needs of students with a parents’ eyes. As parents, we have hopes and dreams for our children. Our schools are focused on supporting families to help their children succeed in life by ensuring access to a high quality rigorous education and by providing a positive school culture and environment in a public school setting. Children are the focus of our families, and therefore are the primary focus of our schools. Families are the building block of a community. By lifting families, we can build strong communities.

All YPI Charter Schools focus on four initiatives

1. Service Learning

Involves students in helping to determine and meet real, defined community needs. It is reciprocal in nature, benefiting both the community and the student by combining a service experience with a learning experience.

2. Enhanced Learning

By incorporating technology within the curriculum, students learn computer skills while pursuing academic goals.

3. Project – Based Learning

YPI Charter School students are engaged in interdisciplinary learning often find the content more exciting and relevant, especially if presented in a way that relates to their own lives.

4. Parent and Community Involvement

YPICS is committed to community based education providing support for its students through an integrated approach to school, family, and community. YPICS embodies the belief that students thrive when they are part of a supportive community.


We are educators who care.